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Partnerships ( & Collaborations )

XIGNet would always welcome partnerships to extend the platform to cater to different regions around the World.

We welcome proposals to localize the platform and cater to specific regions and cultures. We strongly believe that there are various regions which are still ideal ground for introducing and expanding effective, user-friendly and functional C2C/B2C platforms, giving the people & businesses in those regions a channel to communicate and build bridges beyond the class, physical & social divides in these regions. We hope that our C2C solutions can help open opportunities for people everywhere.

We are also looking for collaborative tie-ups with partners worldwide to offer specialized solutions that cater for niche industries. Together with our in-house team and development partners, we are confident to take on small or large projects. We're always up for a new adventure.

Do contact us if you would like to collaborate with us, as a regional partner in your area, to promote and administrate our services locally. Or if you would like to collaborate with us on solutions catering for any specialized sectors. We will be glad to respond to all queries and proposals.

Team XIGNet